The Synergy Collective is a grassroots, community-centered network of independently-operated health, wellness, & healing arts practitioners and community advocates. We support, promote, and empower seekers, advocates, and practitioners of holistic health, wellness, & healing arts.
We live our passion for people and planet, collaborating in the Spirit of Love, Light, & Synergy as we create connections, provide professional resources, and offer experiences designed to support those seeking to heal themselves, others, and the world we live.


Synergy is the concept that the Whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  In essence, that we can accomplish more to support people and planet when we work together than we can alone.

why aspen trees?

Aspen trees are a unique organism.  Unlike other trees, Aspen groves share a root system, and each tree that sprouts stands independently while relying on the root system that connects it to it's fellow trees. 

In this way, The Synergy Collective serves as the roots providing nutrients (resources) and strength necessary for our members and advocates to create the most positive impact on our community.