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Interpersonal relationships are often the most important, rewarding and challenging aspects of our lives.  We often wonder...what makes relationships healthy and thriving?  How does one foster connection and understanding?  How can we communicate and manage conflict in relationships more effectively?  Join me in connecting with individuals and couples as we create a warm, inviting community in which we will identify practical perspectives and tools for understanding and engaging in relationships, brought to life as group members share personal experiences and relational insights. In the group setting we will:

- explore how our attachment style or "blueprint for connecting" influences the way we interact with our loved ones...and how they respond to us;

- understand the link between our relationship patterns, habits, and how our brain and body work;

- learn the importance of connecting rituals, and how to build them into daily life;

-deepen your understanding of and ability to communicate in and out of conflict;

-identify how our relational patterns influence friendships, romantic connections, and family relationships;

-discover how our life experiences, personal identities and cultural context influence our way of connecting;

-build caring relationships with others who also seek to create stronger interpersonal connections.

Whether you're an individual hoping to gain valuable insights for your next relationship, a couple wanting to strengthen your current relationship, or someone wishing for a deeper understanding of relationships with friends or family, this group exploration will assist you in understanding and improving your interpersonal relationships!