Melinda Grace is a Shamanic Healing Practitioner, Reiki Master, Lifestyle Coach, Yoga Instructor and owner of Anchor & Bloom, an energy healing boutique in Winter Park, Colorado.

Through energy healing and lifestyle coaching, Melinda works to clear limiting beliefs and bring balance in the body, mind, soul and spirit. She works with you to let your whole soul shine through by shedding your skin and wearing your wild, undomesticated, authentic light body wherever you go. Like a sculptor, chiseling away anything that isn’t your free spirit.

Think of energy as the software that informs the hardware (DNA) to repair the body. It is important to keep your energy healthy and happy as emotional energy blockages can lead to physical manifestations in the body. If you already have physical symptoms, this is your emotional energetic body communicating an imbalance. Melinda is passionate about helping you tap into your own healing source, this energy medicine magic. Your own wounds become your medicine through this indigenous alchemy of vibration and light.

Melinda’s joy is to help you anchor and bloom, to transform your inner map so your present world becomes your beautiful destination.

Anchor & Bloom is located in Cooper Creek above The Sushi Bar in Winter Park. Check out for upcoming classes, workshops, retreats, fire ceremonies, community gatherings, group sessions, card readings and Mayan chocolate meditations. Call (970) 531-5559 for private appointments and more information.