Nancy Dulac

As a DoTerra Wellness Advocate, I use essential oil education to empower people in caring for their family's physical, mental and emotional wellness.

I think everybody wants to feel better.  I know everybody deserves to feel better.  However, I also believe that the world is so bombarded with activities, ideas, the buying of “stuff”, daily stress, trying to be a good person, while running their home the best they can that…well…    It’s really hard to know where to turn and what to do.  Sometimes trying to make life easier feels harder, right?

This is where I can offer help. I want to help you simplify.  Go back to basics, but not in the way that makes life harder.  I won’t suggest you bust out your washboard or bake every loaf of bread from scratch. That’s not what my work is about. 

I can’t wait to show you how to be proactive in your wellness. It's easy, and also a peaceful practice to get into.  You’ll feel a less stressed, lighter, more fulfilled in the relationships that are nurturing and more at peace.  What’s not to love?

Nancy DuLac

Proactive Wellness & Life