Collective Quarterly Winter 2018

  • Q&A with Emily from Inner Peace Massage and Healing
  • Yoga Stability Workshop in Winter Park w/ Meredith Cameron
  • Yoga Retreat in Puerto Vallarta Mexico w/ Meredith Cameron
  • Meet 3 new Synergy members
  • Reiki special offer
  • 2-hour Tai-Yi & Massage from WP Wellness Center practitioners
  • Early bird registration for Rocky Mountain Yoga Retreats

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Q&A with Emily Kuderer of Inner Peace Massage & Healing Services

  1. Tell us about the inspiration behind Inner Peace?
    My business name "Inner Peace" comes from a Dalai Lama quote and reflects my belief that peace comes from within. By bringing Inner Peace to your life through self-care practices such as yoga and massage, you are also bringing Inner Peace to the collective.

  2. What inspired you to do this type of wellness or holistic lifestyle practice?  Do you offer others as well? 
    Yoga inspired me to begin studying massage. In my yoga teacher training we learned Thai yoga massage, which brings these two modalities together. Now I also offer reflexology and am beginning to practice holistic skincare.


  3. What do you enjoy most about it? Any specialty approaches you like best or you see as most effective?
    I enjoy giving my clients immediate as well as long-term pain relief and even more so, I enjoy seeing my clients happy and relaxed.  Many clients come to see me simply because they need a little TLC, and I love being that person who can be there for my clients and create a safe and nurturing space for them.

  4. What do you wish people understood about it? What is a common misconception about it you’d like to clarify?
    I wish many of my clients understood the benefits of a regular yoga practice. Not only does it alleviate pain, but brings a level of awareness to your conscience that improves all areas of your life. It's almost hard to explain until one experiences this awareness, but once you realize how good yoga is for you, you will be excited to get on your mat and practice.

  5. Any special trainings you have that make your practice unique?
    The combination of trainings I’ve taken makes me very unique, particularly to this county. I am the only therapist in Grand County with expertise in Massage, Yoga, Reflexology, and soon to be Skincare. Once I am licensed as an esthetician, I will be the only working esthetician in Fraser as well as the only mobile esthetician in Grand County.

  6. Favorite moment of seeing how it can positively impact clients (without breaching confidentiality of course).
    I took before and after pictures of a reflexology client with severe edema. The results were visibly amazing! You could see a significant decrease in her swelling after 30 minutes of reflexology.

  7. What drew you to become part of The Synergy Collective? 
    Not only did I want to connect and collaborate with other healers in the valley, but I wanted to be a part of something bigger than myself. The unsureness of what will become of the Synergy Collective is exciting to me because it is bursting with potential. Creating a space for healing is in align with the values and nature of Grand County.

  8. What’s the best way for people learn more/schedule/contact you?
    You can go to my website or call 513-218-4272. You can also follow Inner Peace Massage and Healing Services on Facebook or @innerpeacewp on instagram.

Collective Quarterly News: Fall 2017

As the aspen leaves are turning shades of red & gold, The Synergy Collective members are offering some great wellness workshops and retreats coming up this fall (and into next year!).  Our Fall newsletter highlights some of our latest news and upcoming events crafted exclusively by Synergy members, including:

  • Member Q&A featuring Kristin Nicoletti
  •  Equine-Facilitated Counseling & Healing Arts
  • Yoga Stability Workshop in Winter Park w/ Meredith Cameron
  • Yoga & Farm Retreat in Sonoma w/ Meredith Cameron
  • Creating Sacred Space & Sanctuary Workshop w/ Sharon Farrell
  • Parenting & EMDR Groups facilitated by Experience Change clinicians
  • Sneak peek of the 2018 Women's Horse & Yoga Retreat, led by Abbey Samuelson

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