All of our members are independently operated providers.  They are not employees nor official representatives of The Synergy Collective.  The Synergy Collective makes no assertions or guarantees as to the efficacy, productivity, or outcome of the provider's offerings.  Each practitioner takes full professional responsibility and liability for their services, workshops, events, product promotions, or other offerings. 

As a prospective client, participant, consumer, or buyer of any Synergy Collective member offerings, it is your responsibility to take action to be an informed consumer, which may include but is not limited to the following: 

remember there is no such thing as a "cure-all"
no one product or service can heal all wounds

Products and services marketing as "holistic" or "alternative" can be used alongside conventional approaches, it does not have to be either/or

Providers should welcome your questions about the potential benefits and risks to any product, service, or offering

Read and ask questions about all client paperwork provided by the practitioner

Do thorough research of different health and wellness modalities

Explore the potential pros and cons of different health and healing arts modalities

make an informed decision about engaging with any health or wellness professional
(from conventional and alternative providers) 

find a balance of critical thinking without falling too far into either skepticism or blind belief in different healing arts modalities