In 2013, The Synergy Collective founder, Lauren Stokes, completed her counseling internship at People House, A Center for Personal and Spiritual Growth.  The People House experience introduced Lauren to the community aspect of bringing health and wellness practitioners together under one roof, and the practice of embracing holistic & spiritual approaches within the healing process.  With a lifelong dream of creating a center for community growth and healing, this experience instilled her with a vision to initiate this dream by collaborating to bring together health, wellness, and healing arts practitioners in a synergetic collective. 

With this broader vision in mind, Lauren opened her holistic counseling practice, Create Connectivity Counseling, in January 2014 and gradually began the creative process to bring The Synergy Collective to life.  Since then, numerous synchronicities and energetic alignments have occurred, shedding light on a collective energy and desire within the community to transform many visions for holistic health, wellness, and healing into a collaborative reality.

The first synchronicity began with Melinda Grace opening Anchor & Bloom in the office adjacent to Lauren's counseling practice in November 2015, creating an organically created "center" of holistic services. 

Then, in November 2016, long-time Grand County resident Katie Soles shared an invite from Spirit to gather any practitioners and community members seeking to join together to explore the prospects of developing a Center for Love & Light.  With further conversation, it became clear that The Synergy Collective and the concept of a Center for Love & Light were synergetic in spirit and vision, and thus The Synergy Collective became the community-based platform for the long-term vision of launching The Synergy Center for Love & Light: Grand County's Home for Holistic Health, Wellness, & Spiritual Vitality.