We're here to help you find the right membership program for your needs.  Not sure if your business fits?  We invite a broad range of practitioners and eco-social entrepreneurs, including but not limited to:

Energy Work
Spiritual Growth
Creative Arts
Musical Arts
Environmental Conservation
Equine Growth & Learning Programs
Children's Enrichment
Eco-Social Political Activism
Health & Human Service Organizations

Primary Healthcare
Mental & Emotional Health
Animal & Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy
Naturopathic Medicine
Essential Oils Wellness Advocates
Alternative Wellness Approaches
Yoga & Pilates
Physical Therapy
Massage Therapy and Bodywork

After reading About the Movement & Location of Providers, you can explore the links below to learn more about membership benefits, features and pricing, or to join now.


The Synergy Collective is born in the spirit of synergetic collaboration: when we work together in the spirit of abundance, we can more effectively cultivate and sustain a proactive culture fostering holistic health, wellness, and healing in ourselves, our relationships, our communities, and our environment. Our mission is to use collaborative energy to make not only our businesses, but the community and environment that supports us, one that is vibrant and thriving.

In addition to the Synergy Collective member benefits members are also able to use the website and professional community as a way to develop deeper ties to other professionals as well as learn about businesses in the community that can facilitate the successful growth of their business.


Living in Grand County is not a requirement for professional or community members of The Synergy Collective.  After all, our mission is SYNERGY, and the synergetic spirit is one that expands beyond county, state, and country borders.  If you're not a local, we would love to include and support you, whether an individual or business.  Contact Lauren to find out more about how long-distance members are integral to the spirit of The Synergy Collective and our mission to support our local community and inspired travelers.